Meetings & Incentive Travel’s 2012 Market Report

February 29, 2012

You have to hand it to meeting planners. They’re eternal optimists, always seeing the glass as half full, always viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses. In our Market Report, that translates to predictions—expectations, really—that, more often than not, exceed marketplace reality.

Yet this year appears to be different. Planners’ forecasts for 2012 have been tempered by reality and brought back to earth, due, no doubt, to the brutal economic downturn of the last three-plus years.

This year, planners’ expectations don’t exceed reality, but reflect it, as a number of bellwether survey results stand out: Scaled-back meeting-spend increases. Decreases in the number and size of meetings, and room nights. Taken together, these numbers tell the story of an industry that has survived some rough waters and is chastened, but wiser for it.

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