Face to Face with Freeman: CES Technology Trends

January 13, 2016

Tech Trends Article - Source - Ron

Our Freeman colleagues recently returned from CES with a report of the hottest technology trends for event marketers. Here’s an excerpt of the article: 

“A massive playground of the most innovative technology on the planet, CES is an experience brimming with consumer technology trends. Yes, the Internet of Things was big. Health and fitness tech was hot, hot, hot. 3-D printed selfies, mind-blowingly cool holographic displays — it’s easy to get lost in a crowd of cool. What’s an eventprof to do? Luckily, our on-the-ground team found three perfect pairs of tech trends that event marketers should be focusing on this year.”

Head over to the Face to Face with Freeman blog for the full report on virtual reality, video technology, and more!