The Purpose behind the Meeting and Events Industry

It remains amazing to think about all that has transpired over the course of 2020. The world experienced an incredible disruption to how we did just about anything. The shock to both our personal and professional lives came suddenly as we were forced to adapt to new ways of operating.

Against this backdrop of social distancing, however, the value of human connection and the benefits of community are only more appreciated. And in this way, there is an opportunity for the meeting and events industry to play an important role in the recovery from this global experience. I have been inspired by our industry’s resilience – we did not sit on our collective hands, waiting for the health crisis to pass in order for us to meet again. At PSAV Encore, we are motivated by our purpose to “connect and inspire people to better our world.” The focus on this ‘why’ we exist has always been more important than the ‘how’ we deliver against that purpose.

Signs of Growth – This Is How


We have embraced a recovery with new solutions and innovations to help our customers achieve their goals. Importantly, we are starting to see some green shoots as evidence the tide is turning. First, many of our customers are pushing technologies further to support more engaging virtual or hybrid events. Second, and it may come as a surprise, we have produced nearly 10 thousand in-person events for customers all over the world these last few months. Both are positive signs for how our industry is adapting to a changed world.

One way PSAV Encore has shifted to virtual and hybrid is through the development and use of Presentation Stages™. These are remote presentation environment solutions that bridge presenters and attendees together in a pre-built location to produce, record and broadcast an online event. Then there is Chime Live, our proprietary all-in-one platform that offers multiple engagement tools to connect virtual or hybrid meeting attendees with each other and the presenter. And we have become more effective in connecting live in-person meetings with remote attendees to achieve an expanded audience. Please know we are doing it all consistent with our industry-leading MeetSAFE practices, ensuring we always keep our customers and team members safe.

We Are Meeting

We know that every organization is eager to re-engage with their stakeholders. Building communities, ensuring alignment as we plan for a new year in 2021, and creating opportunities for those moments of serendipity when people gather. We can all think of a situation where an unscripted conversation or chance encounter with a colleague served as the spark for the next big idea. It may be a bit longer before more things can return to the way they were, but all is not lost. We can still connect. We can still inspire. We can still meet. It may be different from what we were used to, but the meeting and events industry is here to help keep those big ideas coming.

To learn more about how PSAV Encore’s virtual and hybrid event capabilities can help your organization connect, click here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

12:45 pm: And that’s a wrap on another amazing PCMA Convening Leaders! We had such an incredible time seeing everyone and sharing upcoming trends for 2020. Can’t wait to do it all again next year in Houston!

PCMA Photo Wall

10:15 am: Can’t stay long enough for a massage? Be sure to stop by our Inspiration Cafe for some relaxation on-the-go! After a long week of sessions and networking, our face masks are a quick way to unwind.

Face Masks

9:30 am: It doesn’t take a full reinvention to make your space meaningful, authentic, and innovative – especially if dollars are tight. With activations in interstitial spaces – the spaces between major displays and rooms – you can maximize attendee engagement and even revenue with opportunities for sponsorships. Get creative and create spaces within your space to encourage conversations between attendees.

Experience Design Session

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

10:00 pm: What a way to end our time in San Francisco! Maroon 5 really closed the night out in style, playing all the hits while we got the chance to network with the planners that make our industry possible.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5

Maroon 5

2:00 pm: PSAV’s Brent Rogers is giving us all the tips to keep sessions up-to-date for Millennials and Gen Z. To avoid death by PowerPoint, make the content for your educational sessions engaging for all generations by using a captivating design, keeping copy to a minimum, and incorporate visuals, video, and multimedia. For an even more open discussion, think about opportunities to get content out prior to the event for feedback for a pre-show Q&A. On the show floor, design the space so that speakers are on the same level as the audience – utilizing smart lighting – to allow the presenter to get out on the floor for a less formal feel.

Brent Rogers Session

11:30 am: When technology is adopted with a purpose, the possibilities for your event to shine are endless. Garner excitement with social media and retargeting before your event, keep attendees engaged in an immersive experience with mobile apps and second screen, and use audience analytics to improve your show for next year. #PCMACLTip

9:30 am: Day two of PCMACL – who’s ready? Our cafe is open and we’re ready for you to come over in between your sessions!

Inspiration Cafe

Monday, January 6, 2020

4:30 pm: Day one of PCMACL is officially in the books at our Inspiration Cafe! We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for another day filled with things to do and learn.

Inspiration Cafe

4:00 pm: Influencer marketing combines the rapid fire, word-of-mouth authenticity that millennials love and the tried and true spokesperson method of traditional marketing. In our industry, developing niche target audiences coupled with influencers that can tell them a resonating story are key components in a successful influencer marketing strategy. Thanks, Susan Sweeney, for an eye-opening session!

Influencer Marketing

2:35 pm: How do you master the content of your event? Felix Rundel and Sami Benchekroun taught us how to avoid analysis paralysis with the right mix of show, audience, social, and content. For your next conference, consider posting content and enabling live recommendations during the show. Not only will you boost traffic and engage attendees on the show floor, but the time you normally spend on content can be allocated to creating a game-changing experience.

12:00 pm: Year after year, our favorite activity during PCMACL is assembling creativity kits. In partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District, help us make a positive impact and encourage creativity in future generations by creating a kit of your own at our Inspiration Cafe! You can even write your own personalized message, like this attendee here:

Creativity KitCreativity Kits 2020

10:55 am: It’s never too early for some rest and relaxation. We think this attendee has the right idea getting in a chair massage sooner rather than later!

Massage Therapists Inspiration Cafe

10:15 am: An attendee diving into our World of Production – an interactive, touch screen experience showing how PSAV and our family of companies bring events to life around the world. With your vision and our unparalleled services, this is one display you’ll have to see to believe.

World of Production PCMA

8:45 am: Good morning, San Fran! We’re kicking off day one of PCMACL enjoying a hot cup of coffee at our Inspiration Café, opening in 15 minutes. Swing by and join us!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

11:00 pm: It’s the roaring 20’s all over again at our client party! With art deco lighting, swanky furnishings, and drinks that aren’t prohibition-approved, Monroe is proving the be the perfect spot to celebrate with some of our valued customers

7:45 pm: Let’s talk about this incredible welcome reception! Food highlighting the different flavors of San Francisco neighborhoods, a makeup bar to touch up after a long (long!) day, and then a special guest appearance below:

3:00 pm: Check out this sneak peek of our Inspiration Café! This is how the magic happens behind the scenes. As we welcome in 2020 here at Convening Leaders with the theme of REACH, be sure to stop by our Café tomorrow in room 305 and learn more about how we’re expanding our global reach to better serve you.

Inspiration Cafe

1:00 pm: We’ve arrived in beautiful San Francisco for PCMA Convening Leaders 2020! Stay tuned right here as we cover our experiences over the next four days live and on-the-spot.


After an exciting year, it’s that time again to consider trends we can expect to see moving forward. Advances in our industry move as quickly as the technology that powers it, and vigilance is important. We polled our experts and these are four technology-powered trends you need to follow for 2020.

1. Audience Engagement

Audience engagement technologies are becoming more mature in the event services space. In the past, one or two (single function) engagement devices may have been used to deliver presentations to audiences in real time. Now, this trend is evolving into sophisticated systems of engagement devices. For example, polling, note-taking, productivity, and communication can all be part of one suite. Expect to adopt engagement systems that allow the presenter and audience to connect authentically and create shared group experiences.

2. Adaptive Spaces

We are seeing a shift: meeting planners are now considering non-traditional environments for both their character and economy. But planners also want their spaces to be flexible enough to suit various logistical needs. Well-designed spaces can do both. By thinking about how people interact, spaces can be adapted for multiple uses. Planners can anticipate solutions that seamlessly facilitate intimacy, comfort, collaboration, and the ability to share content from a variety of channels.

3. Event Measurement

It is no longer acceptable to only evaluate a meeting based on people’s recollections. Today’s digital services collect useful statistics in real time so we can see what people are doing in the moment. This allows us to evaluate the efficacy of an event plan, and consistently make improvements based on the analytics. In the future, technologies that provide additional ways to capture event data and provide even clearer insights will be on the rise.

4. Power Everywhere

Planners and attendees alike need access to power sources to keep their devices charged and ward off potential anxiety about dying batteries. Meeting planners should be aware that visible, plentiful power options are going to reduce anxiety, add value, and contribute to productivity. In addition to power strips, be sure to include plenty of wireless induction chargers, USB-A and USB-C chargers, and mobile charging stations.

Stay Connected

As technology evolves and we learn more, best practices evolve as well. These are only a handful of exciting trends in our industry that can be addressed with well-designed solutions. For more technology trends and insights, keep the conversation alive with your technology solutions provider.