5 Vendor Tips for Trade Show Success

January 26, 2015

trade show tipsTrade shows are always stressful for vendors. With booth costs, travel expenses, and the many hours of preparation required, going to a trade show is not a cheap endeavour. Despite this, trade shows are an essential way many business-to-business companies connect with customers, develop leads, and hopefully–make sales. The following are 5 tips to make your next trade show a success.

Preparation is Everything

Not preparing for a trade show is a great way to waste a lot of money–it’s not enough to just show up. Plan for your show well ahead of time, ideally several months in advance. Putting together a great appearance at the show requires a lot of administrative work (booking the booth, locking down necessary supplies, etc.) as well as marketing preparations.

When thinking about marketing for the show, be sure to think about business goals, crafting key messaging, and training staff (and yourself) to effectively interact with customers.

Presentation is (Also) Everything

Perceptions are everything at trade shows and therefore the way your company presents itself at the booth is very important. A professional booth with consistent branding, appropriate lighting, and memorable decor will set you apart from other vendors.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity here, as this will help your booth stand out. Try to appeal to all five senses for maximum impact.

Don’t Scare Customers Away

Attendees are constantly getting pitched to, and there’s no need to add to the noise. Focus on asking people questions and understanding their problems. Listen more, talk less (after all, you’ve got two ears and only one mouth). Not only will this be valuable information for you in the future, this will also help develop a rapport with a potential customer.

trade showGive something away

While the hope is that you’ve made enough of an impression that customers will remember you, memory is a finicky thing. Don’t rely on it. Give away free stuff like t-shirts, pens, and other swag so you’ll be top of mind once they leave the building. Giving away a higher value item in a contest is also a great way to draw people into your booth and build excitement.

Make the most of it

As we’ve mentioned, trade shows aren’t cheap. To make the most of your investment, milk the experience for all it’s worth. Create buzz online by live tweeting the latest happenings, photos of your booth, and answering commonly asked customer questions. When your booth isn’t busy, take the opportunity to explore other vendors’ booths. This might give you inspiration and you might make some valuable business contacts.

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